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Project management: aBalados, a success story. Since 2008 aBalados develops, finances and manages investments in renewables.

Since its formation, aBalados has worked in the energy sector, adapting its services to the real needs of customers. Renewable energies and efficiency are the present and the future and that is why we are focused on growing in all areas: Engineering, O&M, Asset Management, Financing, etc. From an energy audit to the operation of facilities anywhere in the world, aBalados is your partner.

Asset Management

Comprehensive asset management from all the necessary perspectives: technical, legal, tax and accounting.

Single interlocutor and agent for the development of services, simplifying operations and optimizing own and client resources.

Analysis of projects to improve expected profitability or distress management.

Consulting / Engineering

Project Advisory

Independent consultant for banks and investment funds.
Due Diligence; consultancy and administrative, financial and contractual auditing.

Technical Advisory

Consulting and technical assistance for the phases of promotion and development, execution, commissioning, acceptance tests, O&M analysis and exploitation in refinancing processes.
Owner`s & EPC’s Engineer for the design and management of projects in PV and CSP.


aBalados provides Operation and Maintenance services with a comprehensive scope in photovoltaic projects located in Spain and Italy, executed by its own team with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

We offer services adapted to each project and its needs, in terms of scope and guarantees.

Solar Panel Recycling

Our professionalism and “know how” from more than 20 years in the sector is at your disposal, offering clients the solution for the integral management of electronic waste.

aBalados Recycling is established as an authorized manager committed to the circular economy to cover the entire management process, from the collection to the extraction of raw materials, which can be used in the manufacture of new solar panels.

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