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RDL 9/2013 – Power Sector Reform

Once again bad news emerge for the energy market and especially for renewable energies. The government through the cabinet meeting on 12th of July published a new legal framework for renewal energy projects.

The previous decrees, RD 661/2007 and RD 1378 1578/2008, have been suspended. That means that the photovoltaic and solar thermal projects that were installed since 2004 in Spain are left without remuneration and without economic expectations both short, medium and long term. The RDL establishes a reasonable return for projects of 7.5% (return of project). However, there is no mention of the calculation method, operating costs, etc.. The Royal Decree Law speaks of efficiently managed companies but does not actually define what is meant with efficient.

With all this, the industry is again unsettled and waiting. Legal security of our country continues to disappear.

A new market model is to come, once the corresponding decrees are developed. aBalados, in its continuous adaptation to the markets, offers its customers a comprehensive model for project management including tax and accounting management, operation and maintenance, commercial. etc.


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