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aBalados is much more than an engineering or asset management company. It is a great team that offers a comprehensive and tailor-made service.

With its clear commitment to improve and critical attitude regarding experiences gained during its participation in different project advisory services, aBalados has accompanied the development of the energy sector not just in Spain but worldwide. We are facing a global market that is highly competitive in quality, price and scope; therefore, aBalados does not limit itself to be a mere reference but seeks to offer a higher level of quality and be different to other companies through training its employees at institutions that are well-known for offering innovative services that do nothing more than benefit their clients: This benefit may be understood in very different ways: direct economic benefit (savings), benefit for absence of unforeseen circumstances (cash flows without deviations), benefits for anticipating undesired events (relationship with administrators, precautionary principle), benefits for transparency (client confidence).

aBalados now offers its experience and knowledge for the analysis and implementation of energy project improvements, more specifically renewable energies and energy efficiency. This has led us to expand our catalogue from specialised technical advice in the solar sector to classic detailed engineering. We also offer onsite services like plant operation and maintenance, project refinancing, debt restructuring and everything required by the sector as a result of adjustments or new regulations.

aBalados has been in constantly development since the beginning although the company's philosophy has been particularly focused on intrinsic and sustainable growth, This offers clients long-term stability that leads to project partnerships.




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