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PV Revamping: renewing the potential of solar energy

Solar energy has positioned itself as one of the most promising and sustainable renewable energy sources, with growing popularity and presence throughout the world.

At the national level, the installed capacity of renewable generation registered in 2022 a penetration of more than 59% of the total installed capacity of the generating park, motivated in part by the need to guarantee a transition towards a diversified energy system with less environmental impact, the need to comply with international objectives and commitments, or the generation of employment and economic development itself.

However, over time, these systems may require improvements and upgrades to maintain optimal efficiency and performance.

This is where Revamping comes into scene, a practice that allows existing systems to be renewed and improved.

What is PV Revamping?

PV Revamping is a process that involves the modernization and improvement of existing photovoltaic solar systems. It can be carried out at different levels, from minor improvements to individual components, to a complete system upgrade.

As technology advances and develops, new opportunities arise to increase the efficiency and performance of facility components, promoting care and response to relatively common situations in certain components, such as in the presence of relevant degradation that may accumulate the photovoltaic modules over time, or at the signs of the photovoltaic inverters approaching the end of useful life.

Added to this, as time goes other notable disadvantages may appear, such as the difficulty in finding specific components of equipment discontinued decades ago on the market, without even entering into discussion about possible scenarios where the manufacturer leaves the sector for various reasons.

Benefits of PV Revamping:

A prompt identification through surveillance and permanent analysis of the asset, planning and implementation of the relevant processes, brings a series of benefits in the short term:

  1. Increase or restoration of efficiency, depending on the nature of the Revamping (response to component aging or a serious failure in discontinued equipment).
  2. Extend the life of an existing solar system by replacing worn or faulty components.
  3. Cost reduction by improving the efficiency of an existing photovoltaic system (for example, with more efficient solar panels, less space is required to achieve the same energy production).
  4. Implementation and integration of energy storage, which makes it possible to make more profit from the generated solar energy.

In short, if you have a photovoltaic solar system that is some years old and you want to optimize its performance, PV Revamping may be the perfect solution.

At aBalados we have been accompanying Investment Funds and Owners of photovoltaic assets from the time of RD661/2007, monitoring the facilities through the full-service Commercial Management that we provide at their facilities, covering with our own resources all the needs that this type of situations may generate:

  • Analysis and evaluation of options.
  • Design and modification addendum for the project.
  • Financing and supply of components.
  • Execution of the solution: removal and recycling of equipment to be dismantled, assembly of new equipment and readjustment of the generator.
  • Legalization.

If you need the experience and capabilities of a team specialized in unusual operations, such as these revamping of old PV facilities (2008-2011), as well as the peace of mind offered by a quality turnkey service, do not hesitate to contact us.