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Software – Commercial Management

  • Software â Commercial Management
  • Software â Commercial Management
  • Software â Commercial Management
  • Software â Commercial Management
  • Software â Commercial Management

Scope of work

Continuous tracking and analysis of photovoltaic installations are presented as key activities for proper technical management.

Motivated by the large and varied photovoltaic plant managed, around 45 MW composed of different installations with a wide variety of devices and manufacturers, aBalados has developed a powerful autonomous system to supervise and remotely control installations, without the need for expensive additional and redundant equipment.

All R & D activities have led to the development of a control centre perfectly adapted to the different components and protocols used in each installation, comprising the following characteristics:

  • Automatic collection and processing of raw data from different equipment.
  • Direct access to equipment (inverters, weather stations, etc.) without intermediate web portals, through port forwarding and VPN configuration.
  • Connection of virtual machines by VPN to simulate computers installed on site, for the implementation and operation using manufacturers’ own software, aimed at monitoring and controlling data on a local network.

These characteristics facilitate process centralisation and better organization of information for asset management, without the need to resort to different web portals and data sources.  The system developed is presented as a custom-built and configurable control centre, from which the behaviour of all managed installations is analysed and controlled.

This control centre provides very useful support for the following daily activities in a simple and effective way:

  • Maintenance of records and data history.
  • Real-time supervision and control with autonomous generation of alerts.
  • Real-time consultation of equipment operating parameters.
  • Support and maintenance. Detection of rerouting and preparation for response.
  • Reporting.

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