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The presence of sectorial renewable energy regulations brought about the development of these technologies and the consequent establishment of companies like aBalados.

Publication of Royal Decree 2818/1998 involves the imposition of the first sectorial renewable energy regulations in Spain. Since then, successive regulatory changes have been made causing the evolution of the renewable energy market and related companies in Spain.

Therefore, the structure of aBalados, since its establishment in 2006, has been adapting to clients' needs and now offers them a complete, well-adapted and useful service. Its partners' experience accumulated since 1996 allows us to anticipate clients' needs and therefore improve our services.

aBalados is currently composed of several business units making it viable in terms of services and clients:

> Operation and Maintenance. Expansion in this area has enabled a specialised onsite operating unit to be established with the most advanced equipment for diagnosing and solving incidents in a very short period of time. Service is provided to plants in Spain, Italy and France.

> Administration With its own plant management software in a special regime, aBalados is responsible for over 100 investment companies/vehicles using its own equipment.

> Engineering Its initial engineering vocation enabled it to create a specific unit to provide service to companies like Tractebel, GDF Suez and the World Bank. Therefore, the new concern over energy efficiency is responsible for the expansion of this area due to the level and benefit of our services.

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History aBalados