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aBalados was established in the heat of solar energy and maintains its original objective to supply services all over the world.

Why was aBalados established? It was established in 2006 in the solar energy sector in Spain in accordance with Royal Decree 436/2004 but with a very different objective to that existing in the sector at the time. Spain's solar sector has contractors, distributors, plant maintenance workers, investors and financing banks. aBalados is established with the aim of filling the gap between the technical part of a plant and its financial and legal areas.

At aBalados we understand that a project is not only composed of kW generating energy, cash flows or construction, operation and service contracts. Our work is based on the belief that all aspects of a project are inter-related, which requires a team mainly composed of engineers but also economists and lawyers. This allows us to offer a range of services well beyond market standards along with experience dating back to 2006 as aBalados and to 1996 in the sector by its partners, which makes us a unique company in the field of solar energy, asset management or O&M.

Deeply rooted in the town where we first started, we feel tied to the raw material and sun and that is why we keep our central offices in Seville. aBalados wants to be directly involved in projects or enter into cooperation agreements with local companies that take immediate action.

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