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Order IET/1491/2013 – Review of access tariffs

Earlier this month, 1st of August, in the Official State Bulletin the Order IET/1491/2013 was published through which are reviewed, among other things, access tariffs of electricity for its implementation from August 2013. This new measure attacks the terms of power and active power, the said tolls, another new change in the electricity bill in … Read more

RDL 9/2013 – Power Sector Reform

Once again bad news emerge for the energy market and especially for renewable energies. The government through the cabinet meeting on 12th of July published a new legal framework for renewal energy projects. The previous decrees, RD 661/2007 and RD 1378 1578/2008, have been suspended. That means that the photovoltaic and solar thermal projects that … Read more

Published RDL 2/2013 on urgent decisions in the electrical system and the financial sector.

On 2nd February, a new Royal Decree-Law was published, implying another setback for the renewable energy industry and lack of confidence in future investments, especially in terms of foreign capital. The new RDL amends the price update regime and almost forces the selection of sale at list instead of market price, causing damage to solar … Read more

Act Released on a New Energy Generation Tax

Again bad news for the energy sector. On December 27th the law 15/2012 on tax for energy sustainability was passed. In short, the Act introduces a new tax of 7% for any type of power generator, independently if it is in special or ordinary regime. This measure, combined with earlier ones, remembering RDL 14/2010 establishing … Read more

Publication of RDL 14/2010 – Frontal attact of the PV sector

Yesterday the Cabinet approved RD 661/2007, an amendment with retroactive effect that regulates the activity of special production under special regime. The new regulatory framework is completely unfavorable to existing investments and provides a picture of complete distrust for investors, especially if foreign, on legal certainty of Spain as a sovereign state. Besides establishing time … Read more

Publication of 1565/2010 – New technical requirements

RD 1565/2010 has been published containing new technical requirements related to photovoltaic plants. New application points are: Measurement in real time of active power connected to the control center for intallations or groups of more than 1 MW. Modifications of inverters of standalone facilities for intallations or groups larger than 2 MW: behavior towards voltage … Read more

Power measurements at PV plant

After messuring with the colaboration of IES-UPM it was possible to determine a loss of installed power versus the expected 10.7 %. Thanks to that the owner was able to claim to the constructor the necessary module replacement without any extra expenses as well as the compensation for production losses during the works. aBalados considers … Read more

aBalados and Perito Solar collaborate to offer a comprehensive expertise service

Perito Solar, engineering specialised in damages of photovoltaic plants, and aBalados signed a collaboration agreement in order to offer their joint services to promoters and legal institutions. Together both companies aim to close the technical void of damage and claim management.

aBalados signs framework agreement with the investment fund White Owl Capital

aBalados has signed with the German investment fund White Owl Capital a framework agreement for the management of their present and future assets. The scope of the mentioned agreement includes the comprehensive management of the Spanish project companies: SPV Management O&M Management Tax and Accountancy Management