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The choice of the Asset Manager in the management of Interconnection Factilities for Powerplants

In a previous post we began with a series of publications that aims to address an essential aspect in the new reality of the current electricity market: those known as evacuation nodes. As we already saw, we call evacuation node those elements (lines and substations, mainly) whose essential function is none other than to evacuate … Read more

From the IGE to the UGE, going through the MGE

The Electricity Generation Facility as axis for regulation. The power generation has the Electricity Generation Facility as the main axis on which the regulations revolve, both with regard to the authorization procedure and to its commercial exploitation. However, said characterization becomes more complex given the different terminology used by current legislation to refer to itself … Read more

PV Revamping: renewing the potential of solar energy

Solar energy has positioned itself as one of the most promising and sustainable renewable energy sources, with growing popularity and presence throughout the world. At the national level, the installed capacity of renewable generation registered in 2022 a penetration of more than 59% of the total installed capacity of the generating park, motivated in part … Read more

Concept and main effects of the Shared Evacuation Infrastructures of electricity generation facilities

One of the most relevant phenomena in the current electricity sector, given its progressive liberalization and the massive arrival of private capital, has been the proliferation of new electricity generation facility projects (named in Spanish as “IGE”), making use of renewable energy sources and, with them, the parallel development of private projects for the evacuation … Read more

The degree of significance of electricity as a roadmap for the authorization od electricity power plants

The authorization for electricity power plants (IGE, as referred in Spanish), given the general economic interest of the electricity supply, is subject to a complex mixed authorization procedure (legal and technical), in which both the necessary legal and economic control of the public administration over the generation facilities that make up the energy mix must … Read more