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aBalados is a company founded from a passion for solar energy and is upheld in accordance withthose origins, providing its services throughout the world.

Why was aBalados established?

The company was set up in 2008, under the emerging development of the solar energy sector in Spain as consequence of Royal Decree 436/2004, but with a very different objective from what existed in the sector at that time.

In the Spanish solar business could be found contractors, distributors, installation maintainers, investors and financing banks. aBalados was created with the purpose of bridging the distance between the technical part of an installation and the financial & legal areas.

At aBalados we understand that a project is made up of more than kW generating energy, cash flows or construction, operation and service contracts.

We believe, and this is how we work, that any aspect of a project is related to the others. For this reason, our team is formed of engineers, economists and lawyers.

This allows us to offer a range of services well beyond the market standard that, together with the cumulated experience (since 2008 as aBalados and since 1996 in the sector by its partners), makes us a unique company in the field of solar energy along with Asset Management or O&M.

Strongly rooted in the city of its creation, we feel connected to our raw material, the sun, and for this reason we maintain our headquarters in Seville. aBalados wants to always be close to its projects, either directly, or through collaboration agreements with local companies for immediate intervention.

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