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New “cut” in specific remuneration of non-peninsular facilities

The first invoice of the CNMC, production of January 2017, has a new surprise in the invoice of non-peninsular facilities (see Ceuta, Melilla, Baleares and Canarias). 50% of the same has been financed to the General State Budget and, as of yet, there is no news about when and how this part will be paid.
With respect to the regulations set out in Royal Decree 738/2015, of 31 July and of the new Order ETU / 1976/2016, of December 26, regarding the financing of the specific remuneration for non-mainland facilities, it is anticipated that these facilities will only receive 50% of the retribution.

From aBalados we express our surprise and disagreement with the new regulations, which only increase the uncertainty and serious concerns the financial situation of the affected projects.